Bring Me The Sykes
bands! im 17, bi, and a mommy.
Do what makes you happy, love the ones who love you, ignore the ones that hurt you, do what you want, just do it in a positive way.

and if you dont find yourself beautiful, if you think everything's falling apart, if you feel like just one too many pills could make you happier.. stop. listen. and look. stop thinking, listen to your heart, and look for a way out. because you are worth it, you are beautiful and every day doesnt have to be a fight, but a gift.
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Bi-people problems


"Am I attracted to that girl or  her outfit?

or both?” 

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Why I hate going on Facebook.

WTF… this is why I am so ashamed of humanity sometimes…. & THESE IGNORANT MEN… need to get their dick chopped off. Sorry for the vulgar language but this makes me sick. The only causes of rape is because of RAPISTS, period. 

^^^ agreed

jaw dropped.

"Dress like ladys weman"

An obvious typo of Gladys Weman, inventor of MacePants

but we don’t need feminism at all nope nope not even a bit 

8 year old boys obviously dress too slutty. Those damn soccer cleats were just so irresistible, huh?

"the main cause of rape is women saying no"

oh man,  i never thought of it that way, this changes everything! does this mean that the main cause of robbery is people being too attached to their possessions? is the main cause of murder people resisting death? oh and i’ll bet this means the main cause of kidnapping is kids just being so damn cute. thank you, man on the internet. now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to be sick.

This is revolting, ugh, I did a slut walk and while we’re chanting with protest signs, people were cheering us on, but the next day it was like all of that change never happened ,rape jokes were slung around the class like pennies in slingshots, I hate society. “She deserved it”-Filthy bastards, I…I just can’t.

I was raped by my step dad when I was 11.

I guess it was because I was wearing sluty clothes huh?

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can we just take a moment to appreciate how many awkward moments made it into the Potter films

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